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Project Archive

The archive is a selection of work from both commissioned and personal projects. It covers a variety of techniques, such as motion-graphics, stop-motion, photography, animation and typography.


My name is Dimitris and I'm an Art Director & Visual Designer. I studied Product Design Engineering and soon discovered my passion for game visuals, graphic design, motion-graphics and cinematography. I find pleasure working across multiple disciplines and I'm fascinated learning new skills and evolving my craft. I specialise in combining storytelling with visual design.

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A large part of my work focuses on the relationship between technology, arts and ethics. To tell the story, I mix different techniques such as live action, stop-motion animation, CGI, motion design and photography. I always try to push my limits, explore new techniques and overcome new challenges, combining storytelling with a strong sense of art direction.

Dimitris Ladopoulos
Deep Green Sea
Creative Director
Athens, Greece
62 Dionysou street